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Wyrmrest Accord
World of Warcraft

You look at the Command board postings and find a small flier promoting a new academy. 
The flier looks new and hardly tarnished but slightly hidden by other fliers posted on the boards.

Collegium of the Wise!

A new academy recruiting those seeking harbor within the Horde. We teach many paths and ways of life as well as focusing on the history of the Horde races. We are in search of Teachers, Students and even Soldiers of the Horde seeking refuge. We do not discriminate against races or cultures. This academy is led by Apothecary Corvina Corellis and Mahune Lightcloud. We have many of different races, paths and faiths among us whose talents, hobbies and skills are always put to use, we focus on learning about everything and everything. Join us in our journey from history to future!

A small Role Playing guild who is looking to get off the ground. Rough start but we're managing. We are interested in RP/PVE and PVP. We do old world raids for Roleplay/transmog gear, as well as gearing for end game content for those who wish to experience that. All levels and races welcome, all professions/ IC stories are greatly used. Also.. for those who seek to follow lore so precisely it's annoying.. we do not and this is not the guild for you! Drama is not tolerated, anything that can not be fixed between those involved will be fixed by an officer or head master.. permanently.

Collegium of the Wise
Level 25 Horde · 237 members
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NavvyI went to the store today and bought a lovely pair of coconuts. Deedly deedly.
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-hugs!- keep your chin up Iri. <3
Love you guys tons. I'll have my phone on me, but probably won't be back in game until sometime Saturday night after Grandma's funeral. I'm at least going to try to stay logged into Mobile as much as I can to spend some time with everyone.
those feels when you want to hang out with your awesome friends but maintenance prevents it. x.x; I miss you all already.
I am "BEEF"
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